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These are some of the regular players in these dream adventures. This list may increase with time.

Angie– (2010-present) She’s curious and not afraid to ask about my waking life.

John– (2008 – present) He’s ideal in every way and has a knack for finding ways to make me feel like we have a real life together.

Willows– Appeared many times in 2009, yet not a single appearance this year. She’s a lady of wisdom and takes me to the best eateries. She theorizes about my waking life and suggests that I treat both lives equally. Her gift: she’s able to keep me inside the dream.

Blondie – Countless appearances. A femme fatale, guide and friend. Truly ambiguous most of the time.

The Other Blond – For three years she’s made regular appearances. She epitomizes perfection.

Star – She lives in a specific part of the dream city. Moonlights as a jazz singer.

Suzy – A really down to earth chick who helps me become lucid in my dreams.

Partner – (2010 – present) A vampire detective. We try to solve cases together, but so far…no luck.

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