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Restoring the Land of the Dead

July 1, 2010

Night of the Living Dead

It began with a casual trip into the kitchen. From the window I saw a man approaching, his head down, arms dangling at each side. I was clearing the dishes when I heard the door handle jiggle. I looked up and three faces were pressed against the window.

The Land of the Dead.

They came by the hundreds and surrounded the house. I took a few moments to collect myself, stood by the door and opened it. As they shuffled in slowly I went to the front door and let the rest of them enter the house. Soon, the whole place was full of dead souls. Some appeared recently deceased. Their eyes contact was more pronounced. Others  looked like real zombies; damaged physically and disoriented. But that’s not what scared me. It was the look in their eyes. What desolation! Despair and pain and the inability to express either.

At this point, I was completely aware of the dream. I swallowed the knot in my throat and motioned for them to follow me into the back yard. The land was barren and as far as I could see dry and uncultivated. Trash everywhere. We took white plastic bags, brooms, rakes and began removing all the waste. Once the area was immaculate, we grabbed shovels and planted trees and seeds for a garden.

Photo Credit: Tom Turner

I noticed some of the plants were already bearing flowers. The grass was a deep green. As our work continued to blossom some the dead souls began to disappear in a bright flash. Others simply headed into the open field, no longer dragging their feet. Our work was done. I sat on the fence and waited for the dream to dissipate.

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