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Letting Go of the Dream Body

June 7, 2010
File:Tree house.jpg

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hornung

The music from the soiree came softly from the single treehouse on the block. I landed by the window and studied its dancing occupants. The men wore masks made of white plastic ovals. The women were blindfolded in dark cloth. I stepped inside and noticed my shoes had shiny silver buckles. Blondie came forward and bowed. She was dressed handsomely with pointed black shoes and a high ponytail. She took my hand and spun me.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, as we danced in formal patterns across the deck.

“I didn’t realize I was heading in this direction,” I said. “And how was I supposed to know you’d be here?”

“Because it’s October,” she said.

“It’s June,” I corrected.

“No, it’s October. Remember this outfit?” she said, drawing attention to her suit. “I wore it the last Halloween we were together.”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re so irritable,” I said, placing my eyes everywhere except her eyes.

A recurring dream I had several months ago had returned. I knew I couldn’t stay for long because I would meet others who would ask me why I bothered showing up. A swarm of tequila glasses rose in the air with a tender ping. In a few dream minutes the treehouse had filled with dozens of strangers. A young man fell drunkenly against the wall. I used his dramatic fall as a cue to exit. A pretty girl, giving away kisses, leaned forward and said, “Where are you going?”

“To the country,” I said, planting my feet on the window ledge. I nose dived unrestrained and let the evening air lift my spirits. I fell, then arched my body upwards keeping my eyes closed. The meadow I sought was close. The sweet smelling scent of the purple, pink and white hyacinths followed. I floating down through a cloud of pollen and spotted a dead grasshopper. I willed a sheet of newspaper in my hands and carefully wrapped it inside. I began to run with it under my arm, approaching the edge of the meadow where the sun was the brightest.

File:Jar criquet face.jpg

Photo Credit: Jalil Arfaoui

As I unveiled the grasshopper I realized my sight was affected by the light and my body was receiving too much heat. But it was only a momentary blindness…the grasshopper was almost three feet ahead of me. Gratified, I let my dream body fall over the edge into the blistering sun.

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