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The Gypsy Way of Shifting Between Dreams

May 24, 2010

Inside a lakeside house. The dream within the dream was quiet. A gypsy with silver rings on her fingers and facial tattoos told me to close my eyes.  My intention was to return to the previous dream where a young woman was speaking about memory and imagination.
I was instructed to focus on the contours of the woman’s face, her touch and the last memory of being in her presence. I sat across the plush sofa and waited for the shift. I heard the gypsy whisper the word, “Adre.”

It came with a cursory flash of the gypsy’s hand waving over my face.

The young woman pulled the rose from the vase on the bar and stuck it behind her ear. A final touch to an already beautiful face. Only minutes have passed since I left the party. The young woman grabbed my hand and guided us onto the dance floor. We danced a soft Argentine tango and when the evening transpired she left me at the bar alone.

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  1. May 24, 2010 11:24 pm

    You weave such a wonderful dreamscape. It is fluid like music. Lovely.

    • Wendy permalink*
      June 1, 2010 12:23 pm

      Huge compliment, thank you!

  2. May 25, 2010 12:36 am

    wow, again

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