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Dreaming of Lost Children

April 19, 2010

A large excavation site, deep underground. The flashlight shined brightly over the darkened path. My partner kept dragging his feet saying, “The area is clear. Let’s shut it down already.”

Quick Sketch of Vampire Detective, 2010

Good guy, but poor detective. I know we’ve missed something and although I was afraid to find out what it was I moved forward, allowing my intuition to guide us. We arrived at a small opening.

“You’re not going in there,” he said.

“No, we both are,” I replied.

“But there’s nothing alive down here,” he said. “If there were I’d pick up on the scent.”

I pulled him through and flashed a light over a small cage. It contained multiple locks, chains and barbed wire. Through a crevice I could see a pair of eyes looking back at me.

“Help me get this thing open,” I said, removing the first lock. I didn’t want to cut my hand and risk tempting my partner’s vampire thirst.

He lifted the entire cage in one unbroken sweep. Two young girls could been seen held to one another, trembling and releasing high pitched squeals. The girl wearing the mask made of animal bone lifted her hand. She kept it there, waiting for my move. I knelt down and crawled over to her. I raised my hand and pressed it against hers. Her tragic story was transmitted directly into my mind, complete with visuals and dialogue. When their parents had put the final lock on the cage they left without turning back, without regret. Fifteen years inside this dark place, yet their faces displayed youth and imagination.

Sketch of Bone Mask, 2010

They were taken to a local children’s hospital. There, I checked in periodically to see how they were acclimating. One evening, after visiting the girls, I opened the door to my apartment and found a young woman in the kitchen. The sheer dress she wore made it easy to see the length of her legs.

It could only be Jaz, my temptress. Her arms wrapped smoothly around my waist. A kiss on the mouth and the evening came in warm hues, softened only by her touch.

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