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The Last Forest

February 19, 2010

Photo Credit: Nancy Chan

It burned through the night. The stench was strong enough to wake me but when I figured out where I was it was too late. The last forest was gone. I saw a pair of wings near me, blackened along the edges, yellow in the middle. I ran as fast as I could, deeper into the forest until I was flying overhead.

Not a single tree in sight.

I landed on a small gray patch, my bare feet covered in clay. I scooped it up and created a circle of large mounds around me. I smoothed them into trunks, branches, and roots. It was then I noticed I’d been crying. On the last one, I left an opening big enough for me. I stepped in and closed the entrance. I felt the clay harden and I was lifted off the ground gently and stretched outward. The pain only lasted for seconds and then the fresh air came in sudden bursts.

The trees were growing again, rooted to each other, the earth and reached into the sky’s limits. My tears were dry, my earthly body metaphysical.

It was a new beginning…

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